About Us

Singing together in Choirs, Choruses, Quartets or any other groups you could imagine is about the joining of people, their voices, and the knowledge that we can do something together that we could never do alone.

In 2020 everyone's world changed, and the things we took for granted in our lives disappeared seemingly overnight. The impact of Covid19 seemed to have robbed us of our voices - taking away the harmony between us all, and leaving us isolated from our friends and family.

The idea of a Virtual Choir wasn't new, far from, it, but so many of these projects missed out a crucial part of why we sing together - the sense of belonging and community we gain from meeting new people, sharing our stories with them, hearing their stories back, and becoming friends, comrades, brothers and sisters - knowing that the forming of these relationships, and their continued nurturing and growth are one of the vital components to us raising our voices in song!

The Collective aims brings people from around the world to interact with one another to fully and wholly SING! Where the quality of our voices is matched only by the quality of the time we spend together, the old friendships we maintain, and the new friendships we discover.

More than 3800 people from 66 Countries have found solace within The Collective since the outbreak of Covid19, and we hope that when life returns to some kind of normality, the links made between us will endure, new avenues will be opened, new choices will be available to us, and we will finally stand side by side together, unified in song, in one voice, looking towards the future, hopeful, and undaunted.

Welcome to The Collective....